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January 25
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MLP Shipping Draw to Adopts 16 (CLOSED) by TearyIris MLP Shipping Draw to Adopts 16 (CLOSED) by TearyIris
Thanks to all who participated and congrats to the winners! <3

Rules and Info: 
:star:Do not claim the art or designs as yours. Even after you are the new owner, make sure to credit me at least once for the design ;u;
:star:Winners may change their names, ages, races, genders, info, backstories, etc.
:star:Winners may also make them NOT be ship ponies.
:star:Winners may NEVER EVER sell or give these away. If you don't want them anymore, I'll happily take them back.

Ponies and their owners:

NightmareLis (:iconnightmaremoonplz: X :iconqueenchrysalisplz:):
:bulletpurple:#1: Countess Asteria ("of the stars, starry one")
(Asteria is a quiet and wise mare who often hides her feelings. She strikes fear into the hearts of many ponies. She doesn't really enjoy being feared, but she rolls along with it. All she's ever wanted is a friend. She got her wish when she met Zephyra, a kind pony who sees the good in everyone. The two became fast friends. Zephyra is also friends with Phantom Moon, Aster's little sister, which makes Aster a bit jealous. She doesn't mean to be selfish, but seeing Phantom and Zee get along so well makes her feel as if she's suddenly the third wheel. She isn't very fond of her sister because of this. She never makes this known. She greatly looks up to her aunt Celestia. Aster is the next mare of the moon)
Full Name: Countess Asteria Nights
Nickname(s): Aster 
Family: Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Phantom Moon, Celestia (Aunt)
Gender: Female
New Owner: :iconadoptables-4you:
Sisters DTA ENTRY by Adoptables-4you

:bulletblack:#2: Phantom Moon
(Phantom is a cheerful and hyperactive girl. She is excited about getting to rule over the Changelings as their future queen. Chrysalis is teaching her all she needs to know, but thinks that Phantom is still too immature to get the job done. Unlike her sister, Phantom loves scaring others. She wears a white mask on one side of her face, but doesn't cover the other side. Phantom has a deep love for food and is quite the glutton. Her best friend is Zephyra, whom she met because of her sister. She loves hanging out with Zee and often plays harmless pranks on her. Zee's rabbit, Liu, doesn't really like her)
Nickname(s): Phany, Phantom
Family: Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Asteria, Celestia (Aunt)
Gender: Female
New Owner: :iconcynderthedragon5768:
TearyIris |Phantom Moon| DTA Tryout by Cynderthedragon5768

ThunderShy (:iconthunderlaneplz: X :iconmlpfluttershyplz:):
:bulletgreen:#1: Nephthys (Named after the Egyptian Goddess of death)
(Nephthys is a mare with a cold attitude that loves to be left alone. She treats others coldly, which makes her have trouble making friends. She doesn't mind since she only needs one friend and that's her pet red panda, Xiao Pai. Nephie's family is often trying to get her to be social but are never successful. Other ponies avoid and dislike Nephie because of her attitude. The only pony who actually tries to be her friend and change her ways is Bella. Nephie is annoyed by this, but she is actually very happy to have Bella. When Nephie acts cold to Bella or rejects her, Bella keeps trying to befriend her. This makes Nephie happy, since she's never had somepony that wants to befriend her that much. Nephie is often defending Bella from the ponies that say that she is not fit enough to rule over the Crystal Empire. Nephie gets along well with her family (they are all already used to her attitude) and she cares about them all. She is a very experienced flyer and is very fast (she spends most of her time flying). Other ponies don't trust her with the weather, though. Yus she has a tongue piercing lol)
Nickname(s): Nephie or Neph (by Fluttershy, Thunderlane, Zephyra, and Bella)
Family: Thunderlane, Fluttershy, Zephyra
Gender: Female
New Owner: :iconmorbidhorrors:
Nephthys DTA Tryout by MorbidHorrors

:bulletpink:#2: Zephyra 
(named after a gentle breeze, this girl is certainly gentle. She loves caring for others and sees the bright side in every situation, no matter how bad. The only bad thing about her is her willingness to trust others and her naivety. She is often fooled and taken advantage of because of this. Zee has a love for singing and animals, especially rabbits. She has a pet rabbit named Liu whom she loves and cares for. Zee is always cold, so she never leaves home without her beanie or scarf (Fluttershy knit them for her). She is good friends with Aster and Phantom and loves them both dearly. She spends a bit more time with Phantom because she likes to make sure that she won't get herself in trouble. The fact that her friends are both supposed to be evil doesn't face her since she believes that there is good in everyone. Fluttershy and Thunderlane don't mind her spending time with them, as long as she doesn't get herself in trouble. Nephie, on the contrary, doesn't trust Phantom or Aster and often tells Zee to stay away from them)
Full Name: Zephyra Windsong
Nickname(s): Zee, ZeeZee
Family: Thunderlane, Fluttershy, Nephthys
Gender: Female
New Owner: :iconyazmen10:
Zephyra DTA by yazmen10

ShiningDence (:iconshiningarmorplz: X :iconprincesscadenceplz:):
:bulletblue:#1: Prince Valiant Gleam
(Prince Valiant Gleam is his father's mirror image. He protects the Empire with his life and is very over protective of his family (especially his little sister). He has had a not so secret crush on Celestia ever since he was little. Celestia doesn't really notice, but Twilight and Cadence do and they think it's adorable. His dream is to become the captain of the Royal Guards and to someday marry Princess Celestia (it is likely that the later will never happen). He has a small rivalry with his father and he is often challenging him to duels to see who is the "man of the house" (as Valiant puts it). He is often the center of attention because of the fact that he is a male alicorn (but he thinks it's because of his bravery and his dashing good looks or something))
Nickname(s): Valiant, Val, PVG cx
Family: Shining Armor, Cadence, Bella Amista, Twilight Sparkle (Aunt)
Gender: Male
New Owner: :icons-attack:
DTA - Prince Valiant Gleam by

:bulletyellow:#2: Princess Bella Amista ("Beautiful Friendship")
(Bella Amista is the kind of girl who often ignores her responsibilities in order to go out and have fun. She doesn't mean to do it. She's just forgetful. Many regard her as "unfit" to lead the Crystal Empire because of her tendencies to forget her royal duties. Bella really enjoys making friends but, sadly, she has never had a true friend (everypony befriends her because of her princess status). The only pony whom she considers to be a true friend is Nephie. She likes the fact that Nephie doesn't care that she is a Princess. Bella loves hanging around Nephie and the two are inseparable (mostly because Bella keeps following Nephie around and refuses to give up in trying to be her friend). Bella Amista is the Princess of True Friendships)
Full Name: Princess Mi Amada Bella Amista ("My Loved Beautiful Friendship")
Nickname(s): Bella, Bell, PBA xP
Famiy: Shining Armor, Cadence, Valiant Gleam, Twilight Sparkle (Aunt)
Gender: Female
New Owner: :iconsticker-bat:
+.:Princess Bella Amista:.+ by Sticker-Bat

Art and Designs by :icontearyiris:

Chosen ships by you guys for MLP SDTA 17:
:icondiscordtrollplz: :heart: :icontrollestiaplz: (I shall have some fun with these two... Spoiler Alert: They're female twins who hate each other with a passion)
:iconneonlightsplz: :heart: :iconvinylscratchplz: (I loooooove the designs I have in mind for these two. Spoiler Alert: They're both boys and the older one has an extreme brother-complex... Ship them, btw cx)
:iconnightmaremoonplz: :heart: :iconrarityplz: (I'll try my best with these two... Spoiler Alert: I have not decided yet, but It's going to be either a boy and a girl or two girls)

I already have names for all of them c;

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